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The Halloween-Attack in the Four Knight Game

---- Fritz5 vs. crafty match ----

(C)opyright 1996-1997 by Steffen A. Jakob

Re: ---- Fritz5 vs. crafty match ----

From           hyatt@crafty.cis.uab.edu (Robert Hyatt)
Organization   CIS, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Date           14 Aug 1997 15:35:56 GMT
Newsgroups     rec.games.chess.computer
Message-ID     <5sv8ks$b9j@juniper.cis.uab.edu>

Steffen A. Jakob (saj@elias.gams.co.at) wrote:

: I call this line the "Back-To-The-Roots"-line :-) Exchanging the queen
: is surely not good for white. I have analyzed 10. Bf4 instead of
: 10. Qe2+. I really would like to see Brause play this line with
: Crafty. Can we arrange this? Can you force Crafty to play the same
: with white till move #9?

: Best wishes,
: Yobes.

I can probably set up a special book with only that line if you want.  That
would work.

The most interesting thing I saw was that a "clean" crafty will play this
differently than the "real" crafty, due to all the games you have had Brause
play.  :)  The position learning let crafty walk a tightrope and win a game
relatively easily even though it had no book to help it...

First real case I've seen where the position learning stuff has made a
real difference in the way it plays.  Warning to humans:  don't try this
against Crafty.  :)

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