Tak3Tik® - Tic-tac-toe in 3D!

Tak3TikĀ® was invented by the artist Laurin. In addition to his playable sculptures, Tak3TikĀ® is now also available for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Available on the App Store

Aim of the game is to place more straight rows of 3 than your opponent.

Rows are possible in all planes and in space. The neutral centre can be used by both players to form a row. Using the centre, a player needs only 2 marbles to form a row.

At the start of each move a player rolls the 3-color-dice. If the dice shows the color of the player, he can place 2 marbles. If the dice shows any other color, he places 1 marble.

If a player has placed all his marbles and his opponent has marbles left, he places those on free spaces on the grid.

The player with the most points wins, in case of an equal amount for both players the game ends in a tie.


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