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Steffens Chess-Clubs

SG 31 Bensheim

I'm a member of SG 31 Bensheim (Germany). Before I was playing for Schachfreunde Heppenheim. Bernd Goeke maintains the WWW-Pages of the SG 31 Bensheim. He is doing a great job. With his help I am able to see the newest results of my old team members.


In August 1995 I moved from Germany to Vienna/Austria. Although there are more than 40 clubs in Vienna none of them is comparable with my club in Bensheim. After some disappointing visits of some vienniese clubs I decided to concentrate on the development of my chess engine Hossa.

Nevertheless I am a member of the Internet Chess Club (ICS). I mainly use my account there for the development of my chess engine Hossa.

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